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To quickly jump-start your product upload process, we provide the ability to upload a .csv file to create your products.

You can find the import button at the top right corner of the product dashboard.


  • Only simple products are supported
  • Attributes & Categories are not supported
    • These can be adjusted after uploading the product

Example .csv File

Attached below is an example .csv file to get you started. This can be very helpful as a starting place. DO NOT CHANGE THE COLUMN TITLES. When you save, make sure you keep it as a .csv file. Excel or Google Sheet files types will not work.

Right-click to download.

Column Definitions

Here are explanations of each column to help you understand what they mean.

post_title = The name of your product

For example, a product called “Wooden Coaster Set”

post_status = “publish” or “draft”

Publish means it’s listed on the site & customers can view/purchase. Draft hides it from customers so that you can made edits and publish later.

sku = Any unique number

If you have an SKU you use, enter it here. Otherwise leave it blank. This MUST be unique from any other seller’s product.

stock = Numerical value

This is the number of the product you have on hand. This shows on the product page as what’s available in stock.

manage_stock = “yes”

Leave this field set to “yes”

regular_price = Numerical value

This is the normal price for you item. Do NOT use the $ sign. It should be entered as a number. e.g. If you want to sell the item for $10.99, enter 10.99

sale_price = Numerical value

This is the sale (discount) price, and will cause the items to display as on sale. For example, if you’d like to list a product that’s normally $10 for $6, enter “6” for sale_price, and 10 for regular_price. This field is optional.

weight, length, width, height = Numerical value

All units are imperial (ounce & inch). Only enter a number (1 inch should be entered as 1, NOT 1″). These fields are optional.

tax:product_type = simple

Leave this field set to “simple”

tax:product_tag = product tags (comma separated)

These are where you set your product tags. To enter multiple, separate them by a comma and space. For example: shoes, laces, white, leather, running, shoe

tax:product_brand = Brand Name

Enter the brand name for your product here. This field is optional.

images = Link to product image

This is a link to your product’s image. This will automatically download the file, which can come in handy if you’re importing from another store. To upload multiple images, separate them by a comma and space. For example: http://linktoyourimage.com/image, http://linktoyourimage.com/image2, http://linktoyourimage.com/image

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