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There are many important settings on the seller dashboard that you will want to fill out. Completing these sections will ensure that your store page looks its best, and provides customers all the information they need to trust & purchase from you.

At the top of your Seller Dashboard, you will notice a progress bar. This bar is to help you understand what sections may still need to be completed. It provides a handy guide to get everything set up completely. While all the suggestions may not apply to you (for example, some social media links) it’s important to complete as many as possible.

To set up your store settings, go to your seller dashboard, and click on “Settings”.

This will bring you to your “Store” settings page. The first section contains your store banner, profile picture, store name, store categories, & store product per page.

Store Images, Name, & Categories

Store Banner: The store banner is similar to Twitter & Facebook’s. It brings attention to your brand or information you want customers to be aware of. The size of this image should be1080 x 300. If it is not, the upload tool will help you scale it to the appropriate size

Profile Picture: This image will display as a circle, so ensure the picture you upload is a 1:1 aspect ratio and that parts of the image do not bleed over the edge of the circle. This is a great place for a logo or picture of yourself.

Store Name: This should closely match your brand. This was set during the setup wizard. You can easily change this here, but if you need the URL, please contact seller support.

Store Categories: This section should best describe what your store sells. We have a lot of categories to choose from. If you feel an appropriate category is missing, message seller support to see if we can add it.

Store Product Per Page: This section allows you to set how many products you want to appear on your store’s page. The default is 10, but you can adjust this to get the layout you desire

Store Contact Information

This section contains the basic contact information customers will use to find your pickup location or contact you. That includes your address, phone number, email, more products, and your Google Map location.

Address: This is the physical address we use to send our delivery drivers. Please be sure you use your preferred pickup location. This section needs to be completed so that same-day deliveries can be succesfull. Note: This is NOT displayed publicly on the site.

Phone No: This phone number will be visible on your store banner, and should be your preferred contact number for customers. If you do not want to list a phone number, leave this blank.

Email: This checkbox will allow you to list your email address on your store’s banner. If you do not want to display your personal email, you can unselect the checkbox. Note: Each store page has a “Contact Store” form in the left-hand sidebar. There is also a contact form on the right-hand sidebar of the product page. This will send an email to you with the customer’s message from the site.

More Products: This displays more of your products beneath one of your product’s page. A great method to let customers see more of your selection as they browse. This is automatically generated.

Map: If you have a store-front or studio, and you want to share the location on your store’s page, add your address here. Be sure you update this as it does not automatically pull your address from above.

Setting Store Hours

If you have a store or a studio, you can add your store hours here. If you do not have a store front, you can leave this section blank and un-check the “Show store opening-closing time widget in-store page”.

Store Opening Closing Time: Here you will set your operating hours for each day. If you want to set store hours, select the checkbox “Show store opening closing time widget in store page”. If you do not want to set store hours, leave this unchecked.

First select “Open” or “Closed” from the drop-down. Then enter your hours using the “xx:xx pm” format.

Store Open Notice: This message can be customized to whatever best fits your brand/image. By default, it says “Store is open.”

Store Close Notice: This message can be customized to whatever best fits your brand/image. By default, it says “Store is closed.”

Vacation Mode

Vacation mode is a great feature geared toward artists & small retailers. It allows you to temporarily close up shop if you are away. In addition to vacations, this can also be used for holidays & emergencies. This hides your current products but keeps your storefront active. Note: If you add products after you enable vacation mode, will still show in the store. To fix this, just go disable & re-enable vacation mode.

Go to Vacation: Check this to enable Vacation Mode

Closing Style: This allows you to automatically schedule your store’s closing by date, or just immediately close your store. Note if you select “Instantly Close” you will need to come back later and uncheck “Go to Vacation.”

Date Range: If you select “Date wise Close” this is where you will enter the dates where you will be closed.

Set Vacation Message: This is a custom message that displays at the top of your store’s page. You can leave this blank, or leave some additional details for your customers

Vacation List: This is a list of your scheduled vacations. You can schedule several in advance if you need it. This is particularly useful for holidays.


This section allows you to set your biography, which appears on your store page. This is your opportunity to showcase your work, and really tell the customer your story & what inspires you.

The editor is what’s known as a “WYSIWYG” editor, which stands for “what you see is what you get”. This makes it easy to format your biography so it displays in the best possible way on your page.

Adding Media: You can add pictures & videos by uploading them here. You can create galleries & playlists wich will automatically format for your page. You can also “Insert from URL”. This allows you to embed a youtube video or other media directly on this page.

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