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With ShopLocalli, fulfilling orders is easy, but there are specific steps that you’ll need to do to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Gathering & Packaging the Items

Congratulations, you got an order! Now the fun begins. First, you’re going to want to gather the items and package them up as you would like them delivered to the customer. Remember, the unboxing is your customer’s first experience with your item, so making it special will leave a lasting impact.

Be sure to write the Order Number & Customer Name on the package. This will avoid confusion and mis-delivery.

Preparing for Pickup

Once you have everything together, you’ll want to consider how you’ll transfer the item to the driver.

Important: Be sure you have the correct address listed as your “Store address”. That’s how the driver will know where to go.

If you will be at your pickup location, you can hand it over in person. If you will not be there, think of a safe & secure way the driver can retrieve the product. You can place it on your back porch, side door, or in between your screen door. You could also leave a note asking the driver to give you a call (they will be able to contact you through their app, no need to leave your number).

Note: It may be a few hours until the driver arrives, and we cannot guarantee a specific pickup time.

Once you have your pickup plan in place, You’re ready to update the order status!

Update the Order Status

Now it’s time to notify ShopLocalli that the item is ready to be assigned to a driver. Click the edit link next to the order’s status, or select multiple orders from the main order page. Set the status to “Ready for Delivery“. You’ll then see a pop-up.

Update status from the Order…
…or from the order dashboard.

In the pop-up, you’ll enter the pickup instructions for the delivery driver. Keep in mind this can not be changed! So be sure what you enter is accurate.

Once you click “Apply” you will see a confirmation message that you’re all set.

And that’s it. We’ll now send a driver you way to pick up the item. Note that the order status still says Processing that is expected until the order is marked as completed. This is done by ShopLocalli after the order is confirmed delivered.

Other Order Statuses

Preparing Order: This tells the customer you are still preparing the order and that it is not ready yet.

Ready for Customer Pickup: This is for our retail partners, letting the customer know they can come down to pick up the item.

Order Completed: The customer has the order, or it has been mailed to the customer.

On-Hold: You have placed the order on hold for any reason. Note this status is only to place the order in a holding pattern.

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